Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast Interview

I had the honour of being interviewed for The Centre for Epigenetic Expression’s wildly popular podcast, Beyond Your Wildest Genes, and it was just released today!

Description of the interview:

In this interview, we introduce you to our friend, Carla Atherton, Creator and Director of The Healthy Family Formula. She is a family health coach, mother of three teens, and a family health professional and advocate, and has started a Family Health Revolution that we all should be a part of! Here we talk about what we are facing as to the ill state of our children’s health, that childhood chronic illness is on the rise, and how we can use the principles of functional medicine and lifestyle medicine to turn this alarming trend around.

Over the last 5 years, Carla has been working to help reverse this trend and has developed some powerful and effective family health coaching programs that I want you to know about:

  1. Children’s Health Revolution: Raising Whole Healthy Children in Our Ailing, Modern World Family Health Coaching Program (Basic Family Health Coaching Program)
  2. Optimizing the Health of Children with Chronic Illness Program
  3. Optimizing the Health of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Program
  4. Healthy Parent, Healthy Baby Program
  5. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Mental Health Program
  6. Untangling Autism and ADHD Program

When Carla’s own daughter received an upsetting diagnosis in 2012, she and her family were launched into a new life of needles and doctors and dead ends. And after experiencing the ups and downs of parenting a child with chronic illness and recognizing what was not available to her and her family, she found the answers, herself. She set out on a mission to make sure that she would be the support she had so much trouble finding and to provide the information she spent years gathering with as many parents who need it. And she has developed a unique, empowering, and life-changing way to help people prevent ill health and regain, recover, and maintain truly good health: The Healthy Family Formula, which is the result of researched, cutting edge information + professional, attentive support, and the online Healthy Family Formula family health coaching programs.

Do you have a child with a diagnosis? Do you have a diagnosis? Or do you simply want to feel better, have your children feel better, to move past ADHD, fatigue, obesity, autoimmunity, and other conditions that are affecting your life? Do you know there is more that you can do but are not sure where to start?

Then listen to this podcast!



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