COVID-19: Could Glyphosate Be the Proverbial Smoking Gun?

COVID-19: Could Glyphosate Be the Proverbial Smoking Gun?

Family Health Revolution Interview with MIT Researcher Stephanie Seneff on COVID-19, How Glyphosate Increases Rates of Infection and Mortality, and How You Can Keep Your Family Safe



Listen as Stephanie Seneff explains:


Who is most at risk for contracting and becoming very ill with COVID-19 and why.


What is glyphosate and why glyphosate’s devastation of the immune system and antioxidant capabilities could be the proverbial smoking gun.


Why even collagen is involved.


What we can do to mitigate the damage and keep our families healthy.


Family Health Revolution is a series of informative family health interviews conducted by Carla Atherton, Director of the Healthy Family Formula and Host of the Children’s Health Summit. The opinions in these interviews are just that, opinions and discussions, and are not intended to diagnose nor dictate any listener’s course of action. That said, let’s keep learning!


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