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Creative Workshops

What Inspires You?

Part of whole health involves creativity, communication, self-reflection, expression, and inspiration: all things that feed the soul. Carla has been teaching and leading creative workshops for 19 years and continues to be inspired to create and provide new and improved experiences for children, youth, and adults.

The sky is the limit as to what we can co-create for your school, work, or community group, or even your group of friends and/or family. Carla has worked with small to large groups both in the academic/college/university settings to community settings including homeschooling groups. She has taught extensively in the classroom setting as well as in the relaxed atmosphere of the local public library. The workshops can be offered online and in person and for the duration of a weekend, a week, or spread out once a week for 10-12 week sessions.

Please find sample descriptions for previous workshops below and get inspired!


Hero’s Journey Creative and Academic Writing Workshop for Teens

Weekly class for 10 weeks or offered as one-week summer intensives, weekend workshops, or classroom visits.

Can academic writing be creative and vice versa? You bet it can! Can academic writing be fun, and can creative writing teach you a thing or two about writing skill and effectiveness? Most definitely!

Explore and create your own creative writing projects, get ready for university (or just life), learn writing technique and technical skills, explore ideas, express creativity, learn, engage, build sense of self, open up to the world, and expand social awareness: all this in one powerful class!

This class is for you (or your child or student) if you want to:

-Bring your writing to a whole new creative level
-Lean from a seasoned writer, producer, and publisher about everything from composition to style to editing to publishing
-Improve your writing technique and composition skills
-Prepare for university
-Enjoy the writing process
-Explore several creative writing styles
-Work on an exciting writing project
-Deepen your knowledge of any one genre (are you a poet? A novelist? A personal essayist? A blogger?)
-Be able to discuss and write about things that are relevant to you both in the group setting and on paper

Explore philosophy, media studies, political and cultural issues, things that are relevant to you…so that we always have a rich diversity of topics to write about.

Get ready for university (or just life), improve your LA grades, learn writing technique and technical skills, explore ideas, express creativity, learn, engage, build sense of self, open up to the world, gain social awareness and the ability to navigate the media and messages that bombard us daily: all this in one powerful class!

This class is for you if you love creative expression through writing or you don’t quite love it, yet. In this class, we will write about what you love, what you think about, what matters to you.


Language Arts Extra Help Group

Using the projects and assignments that have been assigned in their current courses as well as a few projects of our own, students who would like more help with their English writing skills will be given the extra help they need to improve their grades, increase their confidence in their writing, and have a whole lot of fun doing so! No formal tutoring lesson here, and even more effective! Due to the group dynamic and the methods used in the workshop that emphasize personal experience and writing about the things that matter to each student, this “tutorial” workshop is engaging, effective, and inspiring.

This is a class all levels: for any student who needs more help with their English writing skills whether it to be to excel at what they are already skilled at or to develop those skills. All students are welcome in this class, and all will greatly benefit!


Yoga/Mindfulness/Stress Reduction

Organizations such as MINDs are actively bringing mindfulness, stress-reduction, and movement practices into schools due to the positive impact these methods have on the health, wellbeing, and academic performance of students and staff. Many experts say that these simple practices should be one of the core subjects taught in our schools today. Mindfulness meditation, which can take up to as little as 5-10 minutes a day, reduces stress, improves social and community relationships, and increases academic and personal success. Having a sound body and mind enhances all other educational efforts. And students leave each class feeling great.

Does mindfulness help students with math? You bet! With focus? With athletic ability? Absolutely! With art, literature, problems at home or with friends? Yes, it does! Improved self-esteem, overall health, speedy healing from injury and illness, better mental health?

The practice is beneficial for all of the above and so much more.

Yoga is one practice of mindfulness in the form of a moving meditation. It strengthens, energizes, relaxes, and is good for flexibility, balance, circulation, coordination, posture, and proper breathing. Also, it’s challenging and fun!

No experience is required.


For more sample classes including health and wellness classes for youth, please contact Carla Atherton to discuss.



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