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Family Health Revolution: The Definitive Approach to Elevating Family Health is finally here!


I just don’t have it in me this morning to pour my heart out about what has transpired to get this book into your hands over the last 4 years (when I started putting the writing into a book), or is it over the last 6 years (when I started writing about health for the public), or has it really been over the last 9.5 years (since my daughter was diagnosed and my path veered wildly from the manicured course into the rough). I am actually done with hearing myself talk about this. I am done with hearing myself introduce the ideas. It’s time to deliver the goods. Plus, the book says it all, and I don’t want to repeat myself.


But I will say this: This book is important. Really important. Because health is everything, because health is not what many of us think it is, and because maintaining or reclaiming health will take both small steps that families can take now as well as a complete and powerful revolution. It is the small steps together that make up this revolution I speak of.


With this book, my goal is to empower families to use lifestyle medicine to overcome disease, illness, and discomfort, demedicalize family health, slow down fast-paced modern family life, reduce stress, and return whole families to the ease of wellness, naturally.


The book serves as a reference guide and as a reorientation of how to attain health. It is a resource full of guidance and actionable steps. It will also help shift the consciousness of everyone reading it to a functional, holistic understanding of healthit opens the door to what health actually means and goes into great detail about how to attain it.


Order NOW (during the rest of the month of December) and receive some excellent bonuses that I am calling the “Goodie Package” consisting of the following bonuses FREE:


ALL of the Children’s Health Summit 1, 2, 3, and 4 interviews (that’s over 160 interviews containing expert, empowering content)


AND the FHR Companion Guide (guidance on how to put the information in the main book into action).


Download your digital version IMMEDIATELY whether you order the digital version only or if you order the print copy, as well. The digital comes free with the print version so you can read from your computer and also hold the book in your hands.


The print copy will arrive in your physical mailbox and the Companion Guide in your inbox in January!


Order NOW so we can put your order in for the first print run and so you can start reading NOW!


If you’ve already purchased the book, log into the membership site to access your digital copy and access the Goodie Package. Your login details will have been emailed to you when you purchased the book.


Order here:


May you and your family be well.

Revolutionary Mama,



Carla Atherton, MA, FDN-P, Family Health Consultant, is the director of The Healthy Family Formula, host of The Children’s and Teen Health Summit, author of the book Family Health Revolution, editor, book junkie, research geek, insatiably curious mother of three grown and almost grown children, one of whom has Type 1 Diabetes. Carla lives on an acreage in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, where she works from a home office with families from all over the world on the healing from conditions such as, Autoimmunity: Type 1 Diabetes, PANDAS/PANS/Autoimmune Encephalitis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity; Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, and Reactivity; ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disabilities; Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health Disorders, Eating Disorders, ODD; Other Neurological Conditions; Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders; Untangling Mystery Symptoms, Complex Cases, and Co-Morbidities (having more than one condition); Mold Illness; Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; Lyme; Other Infection; and Addictions. Carla is on a revolutionary mission to empower families to transcend our new normal of ill health and chronic disease.

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