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Instigating a Revolution in Family Health!

Is our 6-month certification program right for you?

HFF trainees and practitioners are dedicated, curious, forward-thinking people passionate about helping others regain their intrinsic right to health.

HFF trainees and practitioners:

-Don’t cure people; we give them information, guidance, and support so that they can heal themselves.

-Lead and guide people to dramatically improve their health, enjoy recovery from chronic illness, prevent disease, and maintain good health using lifestyle interventions.

-Provide nutritional, lifestyle, and self-care counselling.

-Empower and inspire clients and others to take control of their own health, heal themselves and families of chronic illness, and to live a more vital and healthful life through education and support.

-Help alleviate the stress involved with our clients’ health challenges by being the support and source of quality information they need.

-Help clients to successfully complete a health overhaul, recover from chronic illness, or just improve their health to meet their personal health goals.

HFF trainees and practitioners are knowledgeable about the science and physiology of health and recovery, but are also well-versed in how to support people to achieve better health and ultimate healing focusing on the whole family using functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, support, advocacy, and our own mix of skills and talents.


In order to receive certification, all candidates must:

  • Complete all of the required readings and view all videos and webinars
  • Pass all exams and the practicum
  • Participate in the discussions
  • Write a final self-assessment


Family Health Revolution Practitioner Guide. One copy is included in the tuition fee.

Printable Materials including studies, articles, HFF Materials, and the Required Readings List. Printable materials are available on the course page, but trainees must acquire their own additional books.


  • Hands-on, personal instruction by Carla Atherton
  • Weekly lessons and readings
  • 5-month delivery of the program materials
  • 6th month involves training + required practicum
  • 5-month grace period to schedule and complete the practicum and any remaining coursework and exams
  • Weekly studies and group training calls
  • Quizzes and exams to ensure learning and integration

Join the Family Health Revolution! Become an HFF Selfcare Coach!

Download the information package that explains the program in greater detail and how to apply.

Please send me the information package

Founder and Instructor

Carla Atherton, MA, is the Director of the Healthy Family Formula, Host of the Children’s Health Summit, Health and Nutrition Coach, Writer and Editor, Curriculum Developer, Publisher, Workshop Leader, Yoga Instructor, Health (R)evolutionary, and Children’s Health Advocate.

As a mother of three and being a passionate self-care advocate, Carla specializes in family health with a focus on functional, holistic, natural health and wellness, with specific interest in functional neurology, nutrition, digestive health, the science of mind/body practices, stress reduction, mental health, addictions, epigenetics, childhood chronic illness, geriatrics, autoimmunity, bionergetics, detoxification, and immunology using the principles of lifestyle medicine.

“I believe strongly in individual autonomy, and I aim to elevate family health one empowered family at a time. In this way, we can collectively leave a legacy of health for our children.”

Read more about Carla here.

Download the text-only excerpt of Carla’s new book Family Health Revolution: The Definitive Guide to Elevating Your Family’s Health to read more about the motivation behind the Family Health Revolution!
Click Here

“Carla, DEAR!

I’ve been a health warrior since my childhood. I’m now a 55-year-old grandmother to, thank God, 10 grandchildren and 6 children, 4 are married, so far.  I’ve made the normal mistakes that living in our motherly-intuition-suppressing culture can’t be helped – but to make…After that – I became a fierce mama bear…

In short – I want to catch the wave of this new magnificent paradigm shift. It is worth putting in all the effort I have till now and more – to save 1 family even 1 hour of ADHD turbulence.

Looking forward to having true authority on all things “vibrant family health” by virtue of being mentored by you – with which I envision truly rocking our world to embrace uncomplicated robust immune and body strength, sharp and clear mental clarity and cognitive function, high vibrational emotional and spiritual intelligence and moral integrity.

I intended on accomplishing everything you wish your mama generals would do as a doula and childbirth educator – which I was planning to go to school for now.  I’m also ready to get up and speak publicly, so I imagine that the work that I would do with you would more than prepare me for that mission and goal.

Thank you for all that you do!  I want to do the same – create mama bear leaders to empower each and every cub to be connected body, mind, and soul!

Love, Ita.”


“I feel so lucky to have found Carla and the HFF Practitioner training program! It is an amazing experience and everything I hoped it would be! I had some knowledge of holistic health care, coaching and therapies but was looking for a way to bring it all together in order to effectively help in the way I am passionate about – and this course did just that… plus more! A very comprehensive, flexible and all encompassing course which just gives and gives! Carla is so full of passion for helping, so warm-hearted, fun, authentic and full of knowledge. She is always there for us, supporting us and working so hard to make it the best course possible- so that we can all make the difference in the world that it needs and that we are all passionate about. Carla really cares about each and every one of us and that shines through. I am so excited about the future and all of the possibilities! So I say a huge heartfelt, Thank You!”

Kirstie, class of 2018

“Carla Atherton is a ROCKSTAR and a hero! No doubt about it!
Unlike any others I know, she is tapped into experts around the world.

Carla’s knowledge base is DEEP and WIDE, and has NO end! Her understanding of the human body and life-saving nutrition, and what is required to restore immunity and halt disease is exceptional. Nothing seems to stump her. I know because I have been on family calls with her, listening to her problem-solving skills and recommendations with scrutinizing and insightful wisdom.

Being a conventionally-trained RN, BSN, I am keenly aware of the limits that exist with conventional medicine. That has NOT stopped Carla! Her calling is to help people, and she wastes no time.

Carla is a born leader, an “out-of-the-box” thinker, and a willing advocate when others are unavailable. It is an honor to share my deep respect and admiration for Carla. She is a discerning, lifestyle medicine, family health coach extraordinaire! On steroids. The Lord guided me to her, and she is providing much needed hope and healing for our family friends and their son. I am thankful I contacted her. Brushing elbows with her has forever changed my life.”

Anne, RN, BSN.

I absolutely LOVED this lesson! Just finished watching it, and I wanted it to keep going and going. Carla Atherton, you are still a rockstar!

***There is NO ONE like YOU, special you!***

How I appreciate your thoughtful wisdom and your ability to read between the lines, given a tough scenario.

I can’t imagine anyone else being as passionate and researched as you when it comes to helping families. You seem to know everything about everything, and if you don’t, you have a boatload of resources for assistance. Your drive is contagious! Without question, you are extremely well read, and have smarts to boot.

It’s as though your teaching is a living organism, morphing and changing, blooming. Thank you for educating and feeding us such RICH knowledge, and for equipping us to help others.

One of the things I appreciate most about you is that, when I might likely have a dramatic response to something, you stay very levelheaded. You keep me on track!!

Before this program began, you said there were no other programs like yours. That is the truth! You give of yourself, and then you give more, intentionally meeting the needs of our group, on top of everything else going on in your world. I certainly cannot say enough, but I better stop, for now.

Thank you for being a vibrant role model for us to have, teaching and guiding us as we think towards helping our families, friends, and strangers/clients. Seeing it in practice helps me immensely. You are the best!

Know you are loved and appreciated.”

Anne, RSN, BSW, after 5 months in the program.

Please send me the information package

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