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When I first began my studies in the early 90s, the conventional discipline of psychology involved mainly talk therapy as well as pathologizing and categorizing mental and emotional dis-ease. The same was reflected in the medical establishment in relation to the body and how we view and address dis-ease.


We have currently seen an explosion of understanding in all disciplines to include not only the mind but also the physical brain and body, our environmental and lifestyle inputs, epigenetics, and how the nervous system and vagus nerve dictate not only mental and emotional wellness or onset of dis-ease but also our physical conditions that always involve the immune system, as well. Here is one way to demonstrate how this plays out in our material bodies:


Toxicity and Deficiency (in all aspects of the self)

Nervous System (safe/not safe)

Immune System (harmony/dis-ease)


Overwhelm, anxiety, depression, discontent, high stress, trauma, addictions, and chronic physical health conditions have become modern-day plagues, and there is limited healing until we understand this and hone the skills to navigate through the human experience of evolution. Balancing, calming, and empowerment practices can guide you through both the what and the how people of any age can overcome mental, physical, and emotional challenges. Become more resilient, healthier, more centred, a more present caregiver, boss, or partner, a more present being on this planet. Suffer less fear and stress and more presence and joy. Become the peaceful warrior. And heal yourself.


We all die and are reborn at every moment. The cells in our bodies expire and new ones are born, tissues die and regenerate, ideas and emotions flare and bank out, new galaxies of possibility are endlessly created while we sleep, play, and simply breathe. The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth continues to happen without (and sometimes despite) any effort on our part. Therefore, we are new, whole, healed, perfect at every moment, and to be otherwise is to live in and recreate the past experience, leaving little space for something new, for something greater. In order to have a greater experience, we need to move from our current baseline, and sometimes that takes a process or practice that allows us to feel the shift.


To evolve through our challenges and experiences, we can deep dive into techniques such as EFT/MFT, Emotion Code, Behavioural and Habitual Reprogramming, Memoir Writing, Functional Neurology, Limbic Retraining, Reflex Integration, Feldenkrais, Vagal Toning, Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation and Body Scans, Breathing Techniques and Breathwork, Reflex Integration, Emotion Release, Energy Medicine, Intuition Medicine, White light Therapy, Visualization, Buteyko Breathing, Trauma Release, Somatic Experiencing, Chakra Clearing, EMDR, Movement and Yoga, Applied Kinesiology, Genograms, Colour Therapy, Holistic Mental and Emotional Wellness Coaching, Extreme Self-Care, Environment Assessments, Self-Assessments, and other modalities to break through mental and emotional blocking factors and reduce the stress that keeps us from our health.


These tools are grossly underutilized, sometimes ridiculed, and even demonized in conventional circles, which is simply an oversight of our Western culture. Yes, Some of those practices will most definitely seem different than what you are used to. All the more reason to explore this new frontier. I invite you to move past limited views and engage wholeheartedly in your experience; I invite you to tap into the exponentially transformational potential of these practices, thoughts, and new ways of being. My approach for my own health is to consider all but adopt what works best for me, and I encourage you to do the same.


How Do We Form New States of Health?

Move out of unconscious behaviours and ways of being into becoming conscious (aware) and uncovering the subconscious.

There is much healing in the process of simply becoming aware, listening to your symptoms, and unearthing the causes with the intent of letting them go.

Train body and mind to respond rather than react.

Plant seeds, nurture the seedling, and grow roots.

Shift from an anti-dying perspective to a pro-living perspective.

Turn fear into a deep curiosity and desire to heal.

Ask: what is my experience teaching me? What is it that I am supposed to pay attention to? Then listen.


Once the nervous system is in balance, the body and mind move into a healing state, improving the very physiology, chemistry, and physical state of each and every cell. In order to move into healing, we must unravel or flip the switch on old patterns of ill health to illuminate and open the space for something new.


A Few More Details About this Approach

Trauma informed and body aware.

For any age, highly recommended for caregivers.

In-depth integration of both traditional and the new psychology as well as consciousness studies.

Combining any number of techniques, discuss options that are appropriate and individualized for you, guide you through meditations and/or bodywork, and or work through any combination of the practices I offer depending on your needs. Each session is custom designed for you.



Overcome Stress

Attain Balanced Mental and Emotional State

Break Through Patterns and Blocks

Transcend Limitations

Heal Fully

Balance Hormones and Neurochemicals

Improve Immune System

Overcome Chronic  and Life-threatening Conditions

Grow Exponentially

Cultivate Resilience

Become the Peaceful Warrior

And after all of this exploration, understand that, in fact, you are already healed at every moment.


Shifts You May Enjoy

Possibilities rather than expectations

Expectations into Possibilities

Prison into Playground

Fear into Gratitude

Expectation into Curiosity

Judgment into Love

Force into Allowance

What Isn’t into What Is

Frustration into Reflection

Victim into Creator

Without into Within

Singularity into Wholeness

I Can’t into I Can

I Will into I Am


Are you the spider creating your reality, or the fly trapped in the reality you create?


More Shifts:

Death into Transformation

Anxiety into Exhilaration

Depression into Deep Diving

Paranoia into Preparation

Hindsight into Foresight

Doing into Purpose

Ending into Transition

Grief into Gratitude

Hanging On into Letting Go

Fighting Against into Fighting For

Wounds into Wisdom

Fate into Destiny

Knowing into Understanding


Remember that you are whole at every moment and can access the experience of greatness, love, harmony, and perfection at any time. Even though we are healed and perfect at every moment, we sometimes need or choose to experience our evolution. We can also, for various reasons, be stuck subconsciously and need to trip the wire, do a system reboot, allow for the upgrade to happen, marinade in the evolutionary experience, or allow for the instant epiphanies. Sometimes we need to repeat and enjoy practices, unlearn patterns, form new habits until health becomes the default. Once you no longer need the lesson you are trying to learn and let go, you will have a new experience.


It does not mean that we have failed to heal, that we are doing something wrong, when we haven’t yet had the greater experience or it isn’t happening fast enough. Life is our playground of possibility and experience, so let’s play.


Remember: my job here as a health empowerment coach is not to heal you but to show you that there was nothing wrong with you in the first place, that you are already healed.


Check out our exciting group programs, courses, and health empowerment services here, including:

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Some Inspiration:

Please Listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza on the Heal Podcast to Get Your Feet Wet

Do Listen to Dr. Jeffrey Rediger (Author of the Book Cured) on the Heal Podcast (Watch on YouTube) (Listen on Website) (Also find on Apple Podcast)

Please Listen to Alex Echols who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 29. After doctors detected cancer in his system, he shifted his mindset and adopted new principles that helped him change his health and his life forever. Within 2 years, he was fully recovered and now, he is here to share the 7 practices he used to beat cancer. Alex on YouTube.


Carla Atherton, MA, FDN-P, is the Director of the Healthy Family Formula and the HFF Practitioner Training Academy, Host and Producer of the Children’s Health Summit, Author of Family Health Revolution, Host of the Family Health Revolution Podcast, Empowerment Coach, Holistic Family Health Freedom Consultant, Yoga Instructor and Mind/Body Facilitator, and Children’s Health Advocate. Spurred on by the love for her three glorious and grown children and her husband, Carla’s mission is to support families to achieve their best health through information, guidance, and empowerment.


Carla lives on an acreage in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, where she works from a home office. In addition to empowerment and health coaching and leading “Hero’s Journey” creative writing workshops, Carla also works with families from all over the world on the reversal of conditions such as, Autoimmunity: Type 1 Diabetes, PANDAS/PANS/Autoimmune Encephalitis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity; Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, and Reactivity; ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disabilities; Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health Disorders, Eating Disorders, ODD; Other Neurological Conditions; Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders; Untangling Mystery Symptoms, Complex Cases, and Co-Morbidities (having more than one condition); Mold Illness; Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; Lyme; Other Infection; and Addictions. Carla is on a revolutionary mission to empower families to transcend our new normal of ill health and chronic disease.


Find out more about Carla here:


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