Healthy Gut Happy Child Summit

In functional medicine, we are learning more and more about how the health of the gastrointestinal tract affects every aspect of our lives on this planet. It is the singlemost important factor in health.

Why? Well, for instance, our bodies are heavily colonized by tiny organisms that together make up our microbiota, and these little critters are either opportunistic and pollute our bodies with toxicity or are beneficial creating nutrients such as B vitamins and digesting our food for us to absorb into the bloodstream – they are a massive part of our immune and digestive systems, and the status of the microbiota determines our mental and cardiovascular health, as well.

And this is only a teeny tiny part of the story. The passage from our mouths to our bottoms is clearly the most important life journey. What goes in and what comes out are significant factors in whether we live a long and vital life or if we become plagued with illness and disease.

Learn more about GI health by over 20 experts in this exciting field at the Healthy Gut Happy Child Summit 2! And catch my talk there, as well, where brilliant host Elissa Arnheim and I talk about some of the basics of good GI health as well as one enemy of gut health that most of us are missing, EMF exposure.

Don’t miss it!

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