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HFF Family Health Coaching Introduction to Our Services

What We Offer

Family and group coaching rates; identification of underlying causes and conditions; functional testing and interpretation; clear, personalized, actionable, integrative and holistic recovery plans; support throughout the recovery process; access to a variety of HFF-trained coaches and our many resources; the tools, support, resources, and empowerment to take the health of your family into your own hands.


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Areas of expertise and interest (but not limited to):


-Type 1 Diabetes (and also Type 1.5 and brittle diabetes)

-PANDAS/PANS/Autoimmune Encephalitis

-Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

-Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, and Reactivity

ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disabilities

Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health Disorders, Eating Disorders, ODD


Other Neurological Conditions

Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders

Untangling Mystery Symptoms, Complex Cases, and Co-Morbidities (having more than one condition)

-Mold Illness

-Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


-Other Infection


Who we aim to help:

People who know that their own health challenges or their child’s health challenges can be reversed.

People looking to be empowered in their family’s health journey.

People ready to take the health of their families into their own hands.

People ready to re-learn what they have been taught about health so they can blast off into a future of good health.

People who’ve felt like no one can help them.

People done with sickcare and ready for true health care.

People looking for root causes, answers, and support.

People in need of knowledgeable partners, sounding boards, and guides in their family’s health recovery.

People who want to work with practitioners who “get it” have “been there” and “done that.”

People who want to work with fearless advocates for their family’s health.

People who want to work with professionals who know a lot of stuff but are forever learning more.

People who want to work with professionals who are caring, understanding, and work hard on their family’s behalf.

People who want to make a clear, actionable recovery plan and are ready and able to execute it (even if this scares them just a little bit).


How Does This Work?

We offer a combination of private and group coaching, beginning with an initial intake process, Initial Consultation, development of a Master Plan and first steps, followed by email check-ins, programs offerings, and private follow up sessions and/or group coaching sessions.


Every new client has a private Initial Consultation with one of our coaches before they move on to our on-going education and support. For now, that would be Carla, but stay tuned as we start to announce each and every one of our coaches as we get their info pages ready and set them up in our schedule.


Every client of the HFF who has gone through the Intake Process enjoys membership prices on our Group Coaching Sessions and Extended Programs.


Group Coaching Details: What is it?

Group coaching is a health coaching session but with a small group of people rather than a private session. During the sessions, your coach either holds a Q and A session where a group of clients can ask questions regarding their health plans or introduces a set topic relevant to everyone in the group with an hour at the end for Q and A about that specified topic.


What’s so great about group coaching, and why would you want to do any of this with a bunch of strangers?


Weeeell, group coaching provides:

-affordability (less costly than private appointments)

-support from coaches, faculty, and others in the group

-collective of trained HFF coaches and faculty

-community of like-minded people on a journey toward health

-avoidance of coach burnout

-improved outcomes

-better response time

-better organized plans

-client/family empowerment and education

-the confidence and ability to take the health of your family into your own hands


Group coaching sessions are NOT webinars but structured coaching sessions with an exchange between coach and clients. During these sessions, your coach will give you actionable steps to take after each session. Consider these sessions to be follow-up appointments with your coach.


Each client will receive a one-page summary of the session they have registered for and will be instructed on how to incorporate what they learn into their own Master Healing Plan.


If you are not an HFF client, you can still attend select sessions but will not receive our client prices on the sessions nor the benefits of in-depth coaching that you would receive if you had gone through the Intake Process. You need to be an HFF client in order to access our private coaching as the Initial Consult is an essential part of creating your Healing Plan.


Although membership is encouraged because of all of the benefits you receive, we aim to make our programs and education accessible to every family, client or not.


3 Kinds of Group Sessions

  1. Our General Group Sessions are available to all of our clients who have questions regarding their plan or health care. It is for all clients to be able to touch base with coaches as much as on a weekly basis who would like some answers in a group setting and want to save a bit of money on their follow-up sessions. Group sessions are just as informative but cost a lot less money than private follow-up sessions. These sessions are held on a regular basis and are entirely Q and A style with no specified topic and are restricted to HFF clients only.


  1. Our Topic-Driven Group Sessions involve a 15-30 minute info session about a specific topic followed by an hour of Q and A. Same benefits as above but topic-related. Registration for these sessions is open to the public.


  1. Our Extended Program Group Sessions involve a series of 15-30 minute info sessions about a specific topic followed by an hour of Q and A. Same benefits as above but topic-related where the topic warrants further and more in-depth coaching through that particular topic. Upcoming Extended Programs are Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby; Tech Addiction; Mold Illness: Solutions and Healing; and Optimizing the Health of Children and Teens with Type 1 Diabetes. Registration for these sessions is open to the public.


The following Group Coaching Sessions are planned so far, so stand by for scheduling announcements about them:


  1. HFF Family Health Coaching Introduction and Orientation (free for anyone who is curious about our services and applies to our practice; getting on our client list is free; enter your contact information here to apply to our practice and receive our client newsletter)


  1. Making a Healing Plan (included in the Intake fee for HFF clients, but there is a fee for non-clients)


Find our current schedule of group offerings here.


Our lofty goal through our Private and Group Sessions is empowerment through affordable education and rock-solid support. We aim to create a revolution in family health and build a community of people with that same mission.


About Us: Our Coaches and Faculty

Carla Atherton, Director of the Healthy Family Formula

HFF-Trained Practitioners (TBA very shortly)

Our Scope of Practice


Our Rates

Client Fees and Services:

Initial Consult

-Includes 1.5 hour Initial Consult, Intake, and Master Plan: $400CDN (Canadian Dollars)

-Includes HFF Family Health Coaching Introduction and Orientation Group Session

-Includes Making a Healing Plan Group Session

-Private follow-up sessions: $175CDN/hour

Coaching Package

-Includes 1.5 hour Initial Consult, Intake, Master Plan, and one 1-Hour Follow-Up: $500CDN

-Includes HFF Family Health Coaching Introduction and Orientation Group Session

-Includes Making a Healing Plan Group Session

-Private follow-up sessions: $175CDN/hour

Online Group Coaching

Group Coaching Sessions: $60CDN/session


Non-Client Fees and Services:

-Not able to follow individual cases

-Membership recommended

-Private coaching sessions: $225CDN/hour

-Group coaching sessions: $90CDN/session


What’s the Next Step?

Take 5 minutes to register FREE to become an HFF client here.  You do not pay to regietered but will be entered into our system. You will be sent the first email introducing you to our Intake Process and will be added to our weekly email check-in list. From there you will have the inside track on our services and coaching, and if you take the plunge and hire us to coach you privately or through our group sessions, you will be prompted to fill out the Intake Form and our partnership in your healing will begin. There is no obligation to become a client once you have applied to our practice.


If you want to learn more before you apply to our practice, book your complimentary Meet and Greet Session with our Director, Carla Atherton, if you have any questions.





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