Families can go through a LOT when trying to raise healthy, happy kids. Sometimes it can be a lonely road.


You ask yourself:

Should I breastfeed? Should I co-sleep? Should I vaccinate?

What is the best diet for my family? The best exercise plan?

What do I do when my kids have a fever, acne, stomach trouble, mood problems, trouble learning, behavioural issues?

What do I do when my kids are really ill or have autoimmunity or ADHD or autism or other chronic illness?

How do I prevent these issues? How do I fix them?

How do I take care of myself while I take care of so many others?

Who is there for my family? Who can I ask? What is the correct, researched information? Who is monitoring my progress and helping me find solutions? Where do I find consistent support and professional guidance without going broke or crazy trying?

I hear your concerns and the concerns of 1000’s of caregivers just like you and have been absolutely driven to create solutions to the struggles you are having. I have been there, and I don’t want anyone to have to start from scratch or to go it alone.


Children’s Health Revolution: Raising Whole Healthy Children in Our Ailing, Modern World Family Healthcare Program

This program will teach you everything you need to know about family health, how to attain it, regain it, maintain it, to prevent ill health and recover you and your children from illness and disease. It will cover all aspects of health (mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and physical) and will give you real choices, powerful inspiration, and the cutting-edge information you will need to be confident in the decisions you make and the solutions that you create and subsequently act upon. You will be given solid and cutting edge science, comprehensive information, professional and caring guidance and support, in a dynamic community of parents on a mission like yours to heal your families.



The core program is an essential first step and will give you all of the information, support, and coaching that you will need to elevate the health of your family.

See below for more information about our specialized programs.


All of our specialized programs come with specialized group coaching in addition to the coaching you will receive from the Family Health Revolution Program.

Optimizing the Health of Children with Chronic Illness Program (Children’s Health Revolution is a prerequisite)

Content: 10 more modules that relate directly to optimizing the health of children with chronic illness.

-The top childhood illnesses, their causes, and the science

-Finding your child’s root causes: tests and health history

-Handling root causes and healing protocols

-How to work with your doctor

-Getting organized and adjusting to your new normal

-Parenting modules

Regular Price: $597CDN

Special pricing during beta testing: $347CDN

Program Begins: November, 2017

Optimizing the Health of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Program (Children’s Health Revolution is a prerequisite, Optimizing the Health of Children with Chronic Illness Program is recommended)

Content: 5 more modules that relate directly to optimizing the health of children with Type 1 Diabetes.

-Overview of the science of what causes autoimmunity and Type 1 Diabetes, in particular

-Lifestyle choices that will optimize the health of children with Type 1 Diabetes: the best diet, rest, exercise, and supplements

-Healing protocols and body regeneration

-Special considerations for parent and child

Regular Price: $597CDN

Special pricing during beta testing: $347CDN

Program Begins: November, 2017

Healthy Parent, Healthy Baby Program (Children’s Health Revolution is a prerequisite)

Content: 10 more modules that relate directly to preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care for mama and baby.

-Pre-conception facts that every parent should know

-Caring for mama before birth

-How what we do affects what happens inside the womb

-Conscious parenting from the time of conception

-Preparing a safe environment for your child

-Postnatal care of mama and baby

Regular Price: $597CDN

Special pricing during beta testing: $347CDN

Program Begins: January, 2018

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Mental Health Program (Children’s Health Revolution is a prerequisite, Optimizing the Health of Children with Chronic Illness Program is recommended)

Content: 5 more modules that relate directly to obtaining good mental health naturally using lifestyle medicine. Did you know that with the current model of care for people who suffer with addictions, the success rate of those treatments is an extremely low 20%, yet, when targeted nutritional support and other lifestyle practices are utilized, the success rate jumps to 80%? Learn why and how you or your loved ones can overcome mental health challenges and addictions.

-Addictions (food, electronics, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking, etc.)



-Eating Disorders

-Causes and natural solutions

-With an adult tract and special topics for preteens and adolescents

Regular Price: $597CDN

Special pricing during beta testing: $347CDN

Program Begins: January, 2018

Untangling Sensory Disorders Such as Autism and ADHD Program (Children’s Health Revolution is a prerequisite, Optimizing the Health of Children with Chronic Illness Program is recommended)

Content: 5 more modules that relate directly to getting to the roots of common childhood disorders, naturally. Have you been told that your child is on the spectrum? No matter what you have been told, ADHD and autism are not life sentences and we do know what causes them and other disorders that our children are currently being diagnosed with in staggering numbers. Learn what is at the root of these disorders and how you can dramatically improve your child’s health, functionality, and quality of life.

-The many theories about the onset of autism (root causes) and ADHD

-Pinpointing your child’s root causes and eradicating the sources when possible

-Testing and assessments

-Other related conditions

-Detailed overview of therapies and solutions

Regular Price: $597CDN

Special pricing during beta testing: $347CDN

Program Begins: January 1, 2018

What is the problem?

What is happening to our children?

What can we do about it?

View a Sample from the Children’s Health Revolution Program Materials

Carla Atherton, MA, Director of the Lotus Health Project and the Healthy Family Formula, Host of the Children’s Health Summit, Health and Nutrition Coach, Writer and Editor, Curriculum Developer, Publisher, Workshop Leader, Yoga Instructor, Health (R)evolutionary, and Children’s Health Advocate.

Carla is an acreage-living mother of three who faces the challenge most women encounter who are both passionate about their families as well as their creative endeavours: too much good stuff to do in this life!

Carla is a trained health coach through her work with Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Course and Cynthia Pasquella of the Institute for Transformational Nutrition and has deepened her clinical knowledge of health and wellness through her training with Functional Medicine University and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, as well as her intensive yoga teacher training. She also holds an MA in English Literature with a heavy background in Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology, and Academic, Business, and Creative Writing.

Carla is also formally trained in a variety of other disciplines including magazine editing and publishing, social sciences, humanities, business development, and is usually taking one class or another regarding personal and professional growth. She has taught at both the university and community levels and has created educational materials both through contract by educational institutions and through her own initiatives and independent research. She has acted as instructor, director, writer, publisher, producer, program developer, and editor for a wide variety of projects and founded and ran the now laid to rest Cahoots Magazine as Editor-in-Chief for 8 years. She is a published creative and academic writer, enthusiastic lecturer, creative workshop instructor, and a caring and effective coach.

She has led many workshops in health and wellness, creative writing, philosophy, media studies, essay writing, and critical thinking for children, youth, and adults since 1998 and has written, produced and delivered thousands of pages of curriculum for online as well as in-person delivery.

To Carla, health and wellness involves all aspects of the self, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She encourages creativity and self-empowerment for anyone at any age or social status and is absolutely passionate about working with children, youth, and adults so they can find their own power to make their lives full of hope, happiness, and meaning. Alternative education is also a passion of hers, and she is continuously creating innovative ways to change lives through life-long learning by delivering her content using a balance of a targeted use of our current technology with personalized experiences and community initiatives and support.

Carla specializes in family health with a focus on functional, holistic, natural health and wellness, with specific interest in functional neurology, nutrition, digestive health, the science of mind/body practices, stress reduction, childhood chronic illness, geriatrics, autoimmunity, and immunology using the principles of lifestyle medicine.

Carla is a passionate advocate for client/patient care and education and believes strongly in the autonomy and empowerment of the individual, regardless of gender, age, race, or social status.

“I think that there is nothing that cannot be overcome given the right tools, support, and information and that we are never victims of our own circumstance, but are heroes in our own journeys. I believe strongly in individual autonomy and I aim to elevate family health one empowered family at a time. In this way, we can collectively leave behind a legacy of health for our children.”


Read Carla’s CV here.

Contact Carla with any questions you might have!

Program Structure

Intake Package

Pre-recorded and produced materials that you can view at any time and at your convenience.

Monthly Group Coaching Session

Monthly Q & A Session

24-hour email and online group support. I will get back to you within 48 hours or sooner if it is an emergency.

Guides and PDFs

Parent Handbook (for parents and caregivers)

Teen Handbook (for teens)

Monthly book study

Regular Check-ins and After-Care Program

Listen to a sample Q and A session about:

Diet and ADHD (minute 0:01)

Video games and sedentary kids (minute 18:02)

Teen insomnia (minute 24:56)

Starting a meditation practice with young children (minute 35:20)

4 year old with meltdowns and tantrums (minute 30:00)!

Investment in Your Family's Health

Regular Cost: will be $2397CDN per family for an entire year of support ($225/month if paid monthly). The renewal rate (to retain access to all basic materials and new materials that are added regularly) is only $60DN/year.
Your Cost: For the first registration and until we officially begin the program on July 2nd, 2017, I am offering the program for $997CND ($97/month for 12 months if paid monthly) complete with a powerhouse suite of educational materials and the entire year of group coaching which includes Coaching Sessions, Q and A, Guides and PDFs, Parent Handbook (for parents and caregivers), Teen Handbook (for teens), Monthly Book Study, as well as email and discussion group support.

Lots of support for when and if you need it.

A Note from Carla

On the start date of the program you will receive full access to all of the educational materials as well as a year’s worth of guidance through the materials and support through your everyday health questions and personal challenges from that day on. The program is designed to help you make discoveries relating to your family’s health and to initiate changes to your lifestyle and ways of viewing and handling health that can be integrated into your life using lifestyle medicine.


The HFF Family Health Coaching Programs will empower you to make the best decisions regarding your family’s health and give you the best chance at maintaining and recovering health. I will say that I know, without a doubt, that kids can and should be healthy, that even chronic illness can be reversed, and that recovery is possible when you intervene as early as possible,  recognize symptoms, discover root causes, and figure out what to do to address them. I know that good health cannot be found in a pill bottle but in your backyard, your pantry, and in the warmth of your family and friends. I will say that once you identify and take out the things that harm your health and fill your body with what will elevate your health, what we tend to call “miracles” do happen. Every day.


My beautiful, fierce daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. But we will not be defined by that. Since diagnosis day 5 and a half years ago, I set out to find out why this happened – not so that I could beat myself up and live in “what-ifs,” but to discover what we could do about it. What I found was much more than I expected. The problem didn’t lie simply within my own family, and the solution wasn’t only for us. What I found were millions of families like ours with similar struggles. What I found was the need for a revolution. I have to tell people that recovery and healing is possible and that good health is our birthright. I have to tell you that prevention is critical, and the answers lie in how we live and the choices that we make every day. We have the power.



This experience has deepened our determination, our personal growth, and our ascent into an entire world of health information and community we may never have stumbled upon had we not had to face this massive challenge. It introduced us to a whole world of amazing, brilliant minds already doing the work of caring for families like mine.


It tore us apart, then put us back together.


Unfortunately, our experience is not unique.


In fact, with the way we live these days, with the barrage of stressors our families face that did not exist before, and the, dare I say, epidemic number of childhood illnesses that are being diagnosed every second of the day, our experience is becoming more and more common. These types of struggles and having a child with some kind of diagnosis or another is becoming our new normal.


Everyone is overweight. Everyone is tired. Everyone is sick in some way. That’s just normal, right?


But what I know about health, what our family’s experience and my training and research and work has taught me is to question our new normal. To not lay down and accept the substandard state of our care and health status, and take control of our health. I know we can make health easier, again.


I know we can do better. I want to do better. Surely, we can do better than this.


I know that you have had similar experiences to ours. I know that you have heard the statistics about how our children’s health is on the decline and that you don’t want your own loved ones to go down like that. I know that you want answers and need some guidance and support by someone who believes in you, listens to you, and treats you with respect. I know you want to do whatever you can to ensure that your loved ones are healthy, and I don’t mean just getting by.


For 18 years, I have been teaching and leading workshops; for 5 years, I have been specifically researching and studying family health; and for those same 5 years, I have been parenting a child with a serious health condition while advocating for her and navigating the often times cold world of the medical system. For an entire year working more hours than I would like to admit, I have been actively developing the content for several powerhouse family health coaching programs for you because:


1. I see the failure of our current supports to provide the resources we parents need and are asking for; and

2. I understand the sheer frustration mamas and papas have experienced in their attempts to make their families well.


I have seen and experienced, first hand, what is glaringly missing by way of the information that is available and in the support of the people who are looking for solutions to their family’s health problems and have put everything I have learned into one hell of a suite of programs unlike anything you have ever heard of, let alone experienced. Guaranteed.


In a nutshell, I give a crap, about you, about your children, about what is happeing to our health, that we are settling for a new normal of ill health when we can have so much more vitality, inspiration, and joy.


My mission is to eliminate every single barrier families have in obtaining better health.


It is true what they say about the power of a mother: she could lift a car if it threatened to harm her child. That is the power I have put into The Healthy Family Formula programs, and I want every parent to feel that power, too.


But I am not here to make promises; I am here to show you the possibilities.

Health Should Be Easy

Whether you came here to recover your children, learn healthier habits, feel better, play more, hurt less, prevent illness, or all of the above, my intent is to have you walk out of these virtual doors empowered and inspired…