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The Healthy Family Formula is a one-stop shop for everything modern families need to get the information, professional support, and guidance that will empower you to handle any health challenge that will come your way. And they will come. Parents just need to be ready and equipped with the right tools to handle everything from the common cold to gaining the knowledge and confidence to take the lead on bigger health issues.



Become a FREE member of the Healthy Family Formula and get the support and information you need to handle any health challenge your family may have. Asthma, fatigue, autism, ADHD, digetive problems, weight gain, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, neurodegeneration, autoimmunity…we’ve got it covered.


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The health of our families is on the decline. Want to know why and what you can do about it? Caregivers are busy. That is why we are here to make this task of good health easier for you with our Basic Membership: Just join our FREE mailing list at the top of this page to receive:

✓ Weekly newsletter with researched family health information

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✓ Bonus materials and videos

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We bring you a continuing flow of resources that you can access as needed at any time. We have gathered this for you in order to REDUCE overwhelm and make life a whole lot easier for you. Let us do the work while you play with your kids!


Elevate your family’s health with the right information and the support you need that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. If you have not already done so, join the family health revolution by signing up for our FREE membership using the form above!
Once you join our community, you will be given instant access to your complimentary presentation, Quick Health Wins Your Family Can Achieve Today!


The Healthy Family Formula is a community, and what we offer that no other program offers is stellar support — going it alone is the number one reason many people feel they simply can’t make positive change. Especially when it comes to their health.


How Can We Help You?

Basic membership is always FREE. Just enter your name and email above.

But we offer more! Once you are a basic member, you have the opportunity to upgrade your free membership to our level 1 Walk membership for just a few dollars a month! See below for paid membership details.




You get a whole lot by being a FREE member of the Healthy Family Formula, but in addition to our basic membership, we also recognise that some families may need and want more. Therefore, we offer  additional support so we can be sure that we meet your individual needs.


For less than the cost of a takeout meal cup of coffee for one person per month, you can access a plethora of information and support all month long. Our paid membership is for families who want regular support at a good pace that will integrate easily into their every-day lives. This membership includes:


#1. Access to the Healthy Family Formula Program and login for our Member’s Site.


#2. Massive community support by way of our facebook group and HFF events and challenges.


#3. Access to ALL Healthy Family Formula Library Materials, which is 1000s of dollars worth of well-researched, quality information.


#4. Member prices on all HFF Programs.


#5. Regular Q and A and Coaching Sessions about anything in the materials that you have questions about.


#6. Monthly webinars with experts in lifestyle and functional medicine, the wave of the future for your family’s health.


AND what I think makes this membership price the most amazing offer you will ever receive from any healthcare program you will ever encounter (yes, I am that confident and excited about this!) is your receipt of:


#7. FREE admission to our Children’s Health Summits ($10 ticket for non-paying members – 7 days, 29 speakers, 1000s of dollars worth of free resources)
#8. FREE admission to our NEW Healthy Family Formula Wellness Fair! ($20 ticket for non-paying members. Details to be released in September, and everything – over $2000 worth of products, programs, and services for families –  will be FREE with admission!)


All of this delivered by regularly released educational videos, Family Files, and HFF Guides to help you make your health goals a reality! You will also have access to our databases and special reports, regular guest lectures from worldwide experts, and announcements about our 30-Day Challenges and Courses We Love.


Click here if you are ready to join for just a few dollars a month!


Why are we membership-based?

  • Because it is most affordable for you and for me. For you because, for the cost of one take out meal, one book, one movie and a popcorn, one month’s membership will get you thousands of dollars of educational materials, coaching, and support for your entire family.


  • So that we can be highly efficient in our programming and delivery. Our library of pre-produced educational materials give you the information you need and frees me to focus on answering your questions, leading the Q and A sessions, supporting our community through our facebook groups and support groups, and producing more materials, webinars, and partnerships with other experts we bring on board who can further help your family.


  • So that you can access, a la carte, whatever programs or services you need at any given time. You do not need to do it all or access it all, but you most certainly can if you want or need to.


  • So that you can be a member for as long as you need our services and can cancel at any time.


  • So that our practice is more to people and gives more to people than information but is a supportive, engaged community of fellow parents and caregivers.


  • So we can afford to create the materials and provide the services parents are asking for.


  • So that we build a community of parents supporting and encouraging each other and a body of healthcare professionals to help.


In other words, we use a membership model so we can efficiently provide the best services to many many people. We have created a community, a home, a soft place to land where there are real people and an army of motivated parents like yourself who are there to cheer you on.


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Why this program?

Simply put, this program is unlike anything else I have ever seen. This is why I created it: to fill a gaping hole in what is being offered by way of support to families. I created it from my heart and out of my sincere mission to address our decline in health and to see less families struggling.


I do not sell snake oil. I am not trying to make a quick buck. I created everything that you see here, myself, chose every piece of information, every expert, every single scrap of research, tried it myself, and put it all together for all of us to benefit. All of us.


This program is dynamic, with a vibrant community, designed to grow and expand indefinitely. In other words, we are here for the long haul.


You can go to certain healthcare professionals for excellent health information. You can go to websites for recipes and resources and research studies. You can do all the research you could possibly want to do by reading and synthesizing thousands of articles and studies on the web and in libraries. You can get individual health coaching, source lab testing, gather information from varying classes and workshops and support groups. But where else will you get all of that, and MORE, in one place with a focus on family health?


There are many many people who want to help families overcome health challenges like the ones my own family faced, but it is a monumental task to do this one by one by one. There is just not enough time in the day, for you or your healthcare team, to do all of that.


The Healthy Family Formula aids your healthcare team by providing the information and support they may not be able to provide in the time they have to spend with you. It aids you by providing instant access to the information and guidance you may need access to right now.


For example, we educate about chiropractic care and what health issues it can address, therefore, your chiropractor can focus on their adjustments. We educate about gut health so your ND can focus on assessment and treatment. This is why we are bringing so many brilliant minds together in a one-stop-shop for your family’s health.


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Can you get this information for free on the internet or though your doctor?

What we do is put it all together, research cutting-edge information about functional, holistic health, provide plans and guides, organize your care so that it is affordable and effective. We collectively take out all of the barriers to health and empower each other with hope, inspiration, and proper information.

The Reason I Got Serious About Family Health

Simply put: we became one of those stats. Those people you hear about who has been hit with a life-changing health challenge. My daughter was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. And I had to make her well.


I began to see what I hadn’t noticed before: so many more of the rest of the children I knew and loved sick and deflated, and their parents, tired mamas, stressed-out dads: all suffering, not necessarily from the health challenges they were encountering, but in essence, from what they did not know, from the lack of support and the right information about how to be healthier. And no one was telling them: that there was hope; that there were solutions.


I wanted to tell parents the opposite of what was being handed to me (to stop looking for ways to improve our health, to accept sub-optimal health and impersonal, generalized, sub-standard care) and to tell parents that there are answers, there is more than just hope, there is a PLAN and an army of parents who are doing what we all could stand to be encouraged to do: healing and gaining the best health possible so you can get on with the business of living your most vital lives.


Why Do You Go to Healthcare Professionals?

The purpose of working with healthcare professionals is not to come away from a 15-minute meeting overwhelmed and confused. It is not to come out with a list of medications or supplements and a lighter wallet only to return home with more questions than answers.


The purpose of working with a healthcare professional is to come away with more information, a clear plan, and support when needed.


What Is the Formula For Your Family’s Health?

Drawing from my 18 years of mothering, 23 years of teaching, education, and research, 5 years of mothering a child with a serious chronic illness, and 2 years of developing this program, a program that will help other mamas and papas and grandparents to get the healthcare their family needs and deserves, I believe I have done it!: created the perfect formula to better health and vitality:

Information + Support = Healthy, Empowered Families


Quality Information  

Core Program

Family Files Series

Short Bites


Professional Support

Facebook Group

Q and A Sessions

Personalized Coaching and Healthcare Plans


The Healthy Family Formula is health-care, not sick care!

Our Library of Materials

Core Program

Our core program consists of short, yet amazing, audio, video, and transcripts covering the following topics:

My Why (Adults) video and PDF

My Why (Kids) video and PDF

Functional Approach to Health

What is Lifestyle Medicine and Systems Biology?

5 Pillars of Health

Our New Normal?

Common Childhood Illnesses

Quick Health Wins you Can Achieve Today

Navigating the Healthcare System

How to Work with Your Doctor

Autonomy in Family Health


Family Files Series

Our Family Files Series, where we explore the pillars of health and healing, is where the rubber really meets the road!

Mindset and Motivation

The Immune System – Why You Get Sick and Why You Don’t

Stress and Relaxation

Nutrition 101 Parts 1, 2, and 3




Healing Modalities and Quick Wins

PLUS, each Family Files Module will contain a Teen Handbook, a Family Handbook, and links to many other resources that you can access at any time.


Short Bites

And there is so much more! Everyone is unique, and each one of you will have your own set of strengths as well as health challenges. This is why we regularly release new materials that are more specific to your individual needs. Here are just a few that you will find in our Healthy Family Formula Library

Root Causes Series


-Gut health

-Stressors, toxins, and exposures


-Blocking factors


Nutrition Series

-Nutrition 101

-Special Diets

-Food as Medicine

-Food Sensitivities

-Elimination Diets


Roadblocks Series

-Bad food/nutrition


-Why organic?

-Food sensitivities

-Genetics and pathways (SNPs)

-Geopathic stress and Emfs

Therapies Series

unpacks holistic therapies such as homeopathy,

craniosacral, meditation, herbology, etc.

Parenting Series

Teaching Self-Care to Kids-Teaching

Self-Care to Teens-Caring for the Caregiver

And MORE Short Bites Series including:

Solutions series

Exercise Series

Prenatal Series

Fertility and Pre-conception

Women’s Health Series

Men’s Health Series

Rest and Repair Series

Supplementation Series

Infection Series

Brain Health Series

Hormone Series

Mineral Balancing Series

Testing Series

Mindset and Motivation Series

Kids with Chronic Illness Series

Creativity and Personal Growth

Prevention and Longevity Series

Metabolic Disorders Series

Heart Health Series

Brain Health Series

Organs of Detoxification Series

Top Children’s Health Conditions

Autoimmunity Series

Joint and Bone Health Series

Migraine and Headache Series

And more…

Sign me up!


How the Membership Works

✓ Our home on the internet provides FREE resources and information about our upcoming events:


✓ Paid members gain access to the membership area where all files and videos can be accessed in our impressive and ever-expanding library.


✓ Paid members receive weekly emails that engage them with materials, give practical tips and additional suggestions to make what you learn actually improve your health, make announcements about new materials and special events, and invite you to ask questions and join the facebook groups.


✓ Our exclusive facebook groups serve as a place to ask questions for upcoming Q and A sessions and are spaces for peer support and the sharing of ideas and experiences.


✓ The Healthy Family Formula offers access to various information, programs and services through paid membership including several programs we produce and services we provide in-house including the following:


30-Day Challenges designed to motivate and allow quick results and jump-starts!

30-Day Healthy Supermom Challenge, 30-Day Screenfast Challenge, 30-Day Yell-Free Challenge, 30-Day Zen Superparent Challenge, 30-Day Weight Release Challenge, with more added regularly.


Databases Search our databases to more easily find information you could spend hours, months, or even years trying to find:

-Functional Doctors

-Holistic Practitioners

-Current Research (for you geeks like me out there)

-Symptoms Database (places to investigate)

-Food/drug/supplement interactions


HFF Guides Let us guide you in creating plans and other materials that will make your efforts at gaining health easier and more organized.

-Create a Health Timeline

-Common Health Complaints Protocols

-Teaching Self-Care to Teens

-Caring for the Caregiver

-Yoga for Children

-Yoga for Caregivers

-Intake Form

-DIY Tests

-Supplement Guide

-Testing Guide

-Stuff to Ask Your Doctor (Preparing for Your Appointment)

-Roadblocks Checklist

-And more!


Ways to Get Involved and Make Getting Healthy Fun!!

Suggestion Box

Before and After Photobooth

Family Fun Activities

Support Groups

Facebook Groups

Terstimonials Page

Weekly Q and A sessions


Courses We Love is a listing of courses or programs developed outside of the Healthy Family Formula that we support and find to be useful for our families.

Natural Remedies with Wendi Combes

Weight Release with Brenda Wollenberg

Dyslexia Course with Dr. Phyllis Brooks

Neurodevelopmental Movement with Sonia Story

Breathing with Roger Price

With more added all the time…

View our courses we currently love here!


Upcoming Projects!

Healthy Family Formula Voice America Radio Show (coming Winter 2016-17)

Fearless Parent Radio Show ((R)evolutionary Mama)

Healthy Family Formula Book (coming 2017)

Healthy Family Formula Cookbook (coming 2017)

With Our Experts (Other programs developed in partnership with our experts)

And you bet you’re getting on the inside for these products, programs, and services!


Once a member, you can chose a-la-carte what you need today and explore the rest when you might need it tomorrow!


So, what is it that you want to do with a healthy body and mind? Play with the kids? See your grandchildren grow up? Help your kids to live a long and healthy life?


Will you walk, jog, run, or fly with us? Whatever you decide, we’ll be here to meet you where you’re at! Find answers! Find support! Find what your healthy family formula might equate to for you!


I am so ready to change my family’s health!



























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Stay in the loop! Sign up for our newsletter and also receive Carla's Complimentary 3-Part Coaching Series: Shift from Struggle to Harmony Through the HFF Health Empowerment Method!

By submitting your information using this form, you are agreeing to receive information from the Healthy Family Formula. You can opt out of receiving any further communications from us at any time. No hard feelings.