Optimizing the Health of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Online Weekend Workshop

The Optimizing the Health of Children (and Teens) with Type 1 Diabetes


Are you ready to move beyond the medical paradigm and explore a more holistic approach to your child’s health?

Have you been told that matching insulin to carbs is all that matters in diabetes care?

Have you been told that higher sugars are fine for children, when you know that they’re not?

Are you ready to get off of the emotional and physical roller coaster of chronic illness and help your child take charge of his or her health?

Could life be a little easier and the focus on other things such as living and having fun with your children?

Do you know that there is a LOT more you can do for your child with diabetes but need to know exactly what?

In one weekend spent together online, we will try to cram in as much as I can teach you not about managing Type 1 Diabetes but transcending the diagnosis.




  • The workshop was delivered LIVE online
  • Listen online from the comfort of your own home
  • Receive links to the recordings and materials
  • Connect with other parents
  • Find the right information that you need: responsible, thoroughly researched, cutting-edge, actionable
  • Create your own child’s healing plan
  • Move beyond the diagnosis


Sessions in Detail

Session 1

An Introduction to the Functional/Holistic Approach to Type 1 Diabetes:

Health for Children (and Teens) with Diabetes is More than Just Bloodsugar Control

-Defining Diabetes

-Root Causes


-What Have We Been Missing?


Session 2

Finding and Addressing Root Causes

-The Usual Suspects

-Functional Lab Testing


Session 3

Co-morbidities No One Is Talking About (But Absolutely Can Be Addressed)


-Depression and Anxiety

-Other Autoimmune Conditions

-Other Metabolic Issues



Session 4

Powerful Lifestyle Interventions

-Environment, Exercise, and Sleep

-Stress Reduction

-Improving the Immune System

-Balancing the Microbiome and Healing Hyperpermeability

-Nutrition and Supplementation


Session 5

Mental and Emotional Considerations and Support

-Addressing and Overcoming Trauma

-Shifting from Sickness Mentality to Healing

-Tools for a Healthy Mindset


Session 6

Effects on the Family Unit, the Community, and Circle of Friends

-Special Challenges for Parents (and families) of Children and Teens with Type 1

-Special Challenges for Children and Teens with Type 1

-Who Am I in All of This?: Seeing and Nurturing the Whole Child

-Teaching Self-Care to Children and Teens

-Caring for the Caregivers


Session 7

Therapies Beyond the Pump, Syringes, and Technology

-Whole-Person Therapies and Practices

-Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment for the Whole Family

-Finding Supports

-Building Your Healthcare Team

-Educating Family and Friends


Session 8

Making Healing Plans (That Work!)

-Halting the Autoimmune Process

-Addressing Your Child’s Bioindividuality and Unique History

-Putting It All Into Action


Session 9

Moving Beyond the Diagnosis


Session 10

Wrap-up, Q and A, and Discussion



Workshop Goals


Better bloodsugars, better moods, less sick days, and a long and healthy life come with a healthy body and mind, despite a diagnosis. By teaching you a holistic approach based on the principles of functional medicine and lifestyle interventions, my goal is to have you come out of the workshop empowered with new skills, tools, support, and information that will enable you to exponentially elevate your child’s health.



Workshop Recordings Pricing

$200CDN (approx. $150USD)


About Your Instructor

As you might already know, Carla is the director of the Healthy Family Formula, an initiative that brings education, resources, and support together to empower families to reverse chronic illness, prevent disease, and basically, live a full-on healthy life. She is also the mother of three children, one of whom has Type 1 Diabetes. Almost 9 years after the big D-day, thousands of hours of research, endless study and further education, and becoming a professional in the family health arena, Carla brings all she has learned to other parents who want to lift labels and put into practice the methods and strategies that will help their children to soar.


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