Ride the PureWaveNow to Family Health

Ride the PureWaveNow to Family Health

by Carla Atherton, Director of the Healthy Family Formula


At a time like Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends who celebrated yesterday), I can’t think of better things to be thankful for than my health and the health of my family. I could say time with family and good food and warmth and kindness come first, but without health, we can’t really access or enjoy any of the rest.


This fall has seen an explosion of new information and tools that I have sometimes sought out and sometimes happened upon. I have been to conferences and trainings and have met many more innovators and practitioners who are opening doors to wellness for all of us, and I have been trying to trickle as much of it to you as I can without flooding you with the tidal wave of excitement I’ve been feeling with every new discovery. I test the theories, products, and devices, I deeply consider the information, I share and discuss it all with my brilliant group of practitioner trainees, I succeed and fail and then try again for success before I present each one to you.


OK, so without further ado, what am I so excited to share with you today, on the tail of the  American Thanksgiving, no less?


At the Environmental Illness and Genomics conference I attended in Denver, Colorado, I met James and Toni Goren. They were displaying their PureWaveNow system and mat, and having been steeped in the science behind electromagnetism and the effects it definitively has on health for some time now (too high being absolutely detrimental and the right charge being healing and life-giving), I knew I stumbled on something BIG. I had to stop, ask a lot of questions, and give it a go.


During the week prior to my arriving in Denver, I had developed a slight but very irritating and concerning twitch in my right cheek related to things I won’t go into here. After he told me about his own healing that resulted from using the PureWaveNow mat and pen applicator that involved periodontal disease and even a crippling autoimmune condition, I told James that if the twitch would stop after using the system, I was buying one. And stop it did. And it hasn’t been back. OK, so why?


The applications of the PureWaveNow system are extremely far reaching, and this is what got me so interested and actually pestering James and Toni to allow me to train with them and to interview James for myself about the technology, science, results, and possibilities for my family, friends, and clients.


Because health is so complicated, and we can spend years chasing every symptom for every single family member and not get any better and often times worse, I am a firm believer in using the tools that improve family wellness at the very foundation of health, at the very building blocks of life, at the very cell of the body so it can improve, reverse, and prevent disease on its own.


Yes, I do testing and use supplements and eat well and drink special water and move and breathe and recognize the multi layers of mental and emotional health and give the body a boost when there is deficiency and take out what is harmful, yes, but the body is designed to make all of this work naturally if our batteries are charged, and more often than not, we are lacking that charge, that energy; we are running on low voltage when what we need is a good old boost: not too big, just enough to spark us back to life. We used to get this from our earth and sun, out on the beach and in the sunshine. Yet, times have changed, and the assaults on our bodies have amplified and multiplied exponentially. We are getting the wrong information and at the wrong times.


After our encounter at the conference, I have since interviewed James and asked some of the questions I had for him so that you, too, could learn more. At the time of the interview, I was just a few days into using the mat for myself and varying clients, friends, and family members who are all battling some kind of significant health challenge, all of whom were already receiving some kind of improvement after using the PureWaveNow ranging from better sleep, to instant movement into the parasympathetic nervous system (stress reduction), elimination of MCAS symptoms, relief from migraine headache, relief from infection and cough, and overall sense of wellbeing. The diagnosed conditions we were (and are) looking to improve were migraine, cancer, MS, wound healing, GI issues, kidney failure, mental and mood disorders, EMF sensitivity, toxicity, skin issues, ADHD, MCAS, bone fracture, nerve inflammation, tissue repair, lung infection, brain injury, and more. No small order.


I am not claiming that this device heals any of these things; what we must understand is that anything that is wrong in a body (or even plant for that matter) can self-correct if the battery of the cell is properly charged. So, I ran around the province using the PureWaveNow system with many of my loved ones for weeks charging their batteries. Comments that I received immediately after a session were: “I feel different, more relaxed,” “I feel like I am levitating,” “I feel like things are just dropping off of my body.” Now, some people didn’t feel anything at all because not everyone is sensitive to the subtle nuances of shifting into a relaxed state of healing, but this is what I believe these people were experiencing: a shift into the parasympathetic, where all healing takes place.


After my interview with James, we continued to use the mat with further success including massively fast healing and virtual elimination of pain when my own mother had a major emergency surgery serendipitously during that very trial period (5 days after I interviewed James, in fact)! Without it I am not sure how she would have fared. Her blood pressure normalized, her drug reaction resolved, she had significantly reduced pain, and the nurses and doctor commented on how fast her incision was healing without knowing that we were doing anything special. When she had to have another emergency surgery just last night (it’s been a really rough month for her), she jokingly said to me: “don’t show up without that mat!”


OK, I could write more, but I will let you watch the interview now. I don’t have the bandwidth, skill, or people-power to edit this interview without having you wait many more weeks for its release, so I am releasing it as-is (as I usually do), unedited and uncut. So, please do bare with us as James and I excitedly interrupt each other and follow many different topics as we try to give you the goods in just over an hour.



What we discuss in the interview in a bit more detail:

What is different about the PureWaveNow than all PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) devices?

When is PEMF dangerous?

How is the PureWaveNow not only safe but healing on a deep, cellular level?

What is EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)? What is harmful EMF, and what is safe/beneficial EMF?


First point I would like to make: look at James. Would you believe he is 62 and just 5 years ago thought he was going to die from all of his health problems?!


During the first 30 minutes, we discuss PEMF technology (and how this is not really what we are discussing when we refer to the PureWaveNow system), EMF, and how the PureWaveNow can protect the body from harmful EMF. The last item on this list was one of the reasons I was so very interested in the system as we have very few tools that can protect us from the EMF we cannot control in our outside environment, especially with 5G around the corner.


Some very important scientific points I want to make very clear before you watch: James enthusiastically says “it is the same!” when I asked if the PureWaveNow does NOT do the same thing as PEMF, but he didn’t understand my question at first, so let’s clarify: PEMF can damage the brain stem over time. PureWaveNow WILL NOT “melt the brainstem;” it is PEMF that can do that over time, so DO NOT panic! PureWaveNow uses EMF on a very different level than the PEMF devices on the market, actually tickling the cells rather than stunning them into submission. The purpose of the e-stim PEMF devices James used in the 1980s put EMF into the cell to block communication; the PPureWaveNow is completely different in that it communicates with the cells directly. The right frequency will massage the body on the cellular level, but this system is NOT a massager (please don’t buy a massager expecting to get these results); it stimulates the cells to unlock and open for nutrients and oxygen to be drawn in and for waste to be released (patented as the Unlocking Principle). OK, I hope that is clear!


James says that many tech devices such as laptop computers are not delivering as much harmful EMF as they once did, but this does not matter to me much as the levels are still exponentially higher than a human body should be exposed to. We still need to practice safe handling measures with all of our devices that emit radiation and harmful EMF AND use a system such as the PureWaveNow to potentially make us resilient.


Some minute by minute highlights of our discussion:

We start talking about sound at minute 16.

At minute 24 James talks about how he used PureWaveNow to help him recover from a myriad of debilitating health conditions.

At minute 32 we discuss sleep, pain, and detox.

At minute 40 we discuss the difference between PEMF and the PureWaveNow system.

At minute 44 we discuss the PureWaveNow’s effects on dopamine.

At minute 53 we discuss becoming EMF sick from other devices.

At minute 53 you get to hear more about James’ story.

At minute 54 (or so) we discuss the addictive nature of other PEMF, and James gives some sample protocols.

At minute 55 we discuss asthma.

At 1 hour 2 minutes we discuss teeth and bone, eyesight, retina tears, tinnitus, and more.

At 1 hour 5 minutes we discuss sharing a system with the whole family.

At 1 hour 14 minutes we discuss children with cancer.

At 1 hour 17 minutes we discuss my grandma and the reasons I would like to purchase one for her.

At 1hour 19 minutes we discuss EMF sensitivity and using the mat to become resilient.

At 1 hour 20 minutes we discuss autism and relaxation.

At 1 hour 23 minutes we discuss wound healing.

At 1hour 25 minutes we discuss tissue regeneration, kidney, intestines, etc.


What James and I would like to clarify about children and their resiliency to EMF: James states that although he believes that older children and teens have lost their resiliency to harmful EMF, very young children are still resilient. What he does not say in the interview but did say in a subsequent conversation is that these young children are only resilient to lower frequencies such as 60HZ, and as we know, wifi and active cell phones emit much higher frequencies. Cell phones are not toys, and wifi is damaging the blood brain barrier of wee ones in utero. Children are not resilient to these levels and may even be more susceptible to the detrimental effects.


The reason harmful EMF is so hard on our bodies is that it disrupts the communication of the biophotons between the cells (we will get into that in another article), and we need to allow the cells to communicate effectively in order to be healthy and disease-free. I wholeheartedly agree with James that we all should return to the resilience we should be or once were born with as children. And one very effective way to do that is through PureWaveNow technology.


Please note the following:

In the beginning of the interview, I wasn’t aware that PureWaveNow doesn’t even classify their system as a PEMF machine as it has many differences (James explains this in the interview), so I refer to it as a PEMF device in the beginning until he sets me straight. If you are looking for more information about the PureWaveNow, you must NOT search the internet for PureWaveNow or PEMF systems because you may not land on the right pages for the correct system that we are talking about here. I do not endorse any other technology for this purpose, and no generic PEMF system will be the same technology; they may even be harmful. Also note that I have not vetted any other device for this purpose other than the PureWaveNow system and accessories.


The PureWaveNow system is a medical device but has been approved for sale to individuals as a health and wellness device. Woohoo! Therefore, they are available for your families to purchase for home use. This is exciting!! And extremely empowering!


If you want more information about how to purchase a PureWaveNow system and accessories for your family, please follow this link. There is a lot more I can share with you about the system and its applications if you need more information, so please do reply to this email if you have any questions.


If you are interested in acquiring a PureWaveNow system for your family, you will be paired with me so I can guide and monitor your successes with the PureWaveNow and also offer you a more well-rounded healing plan if you wish. The PureWaveNow is an exceptional tool, but I still don’t want you eating potato chips binge watching Netflix expecting to become and stay healthy! Reply with any questions you have about that or book in for a complimentary 15 minute meet and greet so we can touch base.


I am so excited to share after 2 months preparing this information for you!

May you and your family be well,

Revolutionary Mama,







Carla Atherton, MA, FDN-P, Family Health Coach, is the director of The Healthy Family Formula, host of The Children’s and Teen Health Summit, author of the forthcoming book Family Health Revolution (release date: January, 2020), editor, book junkie, research geek, insatiably curious mother of three grown (son age 21), almost grown (daughter age 19), and growing (daughter age 16) children, one of whom has Type 1 Diabetes. Carla lives on an acreage in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, where she works from a home office with families from all over the world on the reversal of conditions such as, Autoimmunity: Type 1 Diabetes, PANDAS/PANS/Autoimmune Encephalitis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity; Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, and Reactivity; ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disabilities; Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health Disorders, Eating Disorders, ODD; Other Neurological Conditions; Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders; Untangling Mystery Symptoms, Complex Cases, and Co-Morbidities (having more than one condition); Mold Illness; Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; Lyme; Other Infection; and Addictions. Carla is on a revolutionary mission to empower families to transcend our new normal of ill health and chronic disease.

For more information or help with your own family’s health journey, read more on this website, contact Carlaschedule a complimentary Meet and Greet with Carla, or learn about her Practitioner Training Programs for professionals and educational online Weekend Workshops for parents.

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