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Services and Support

For Families

Book a Meet and Greet or Discovery Session with Carla Atherton, Director of the HFF, to find out more about our services.



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Private and Group Family Health Coaching

Work one-on-one or in a group with Carla Atherton, our Director, or another HFF coach on your family’s health challenges. Waaaay too much to tell you on this page, so click here to learn more!


Family Health Revolution Online Weekend Workshops and Self-paced Programs

If you are needing to learn a lot in an intensive workshop designed to give you the tools right away to kickstart recovery, these programs are for you!

Recorded Workshop Available NOW: Optimizing the Health of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Online Weekend Workshop

Trickle Program Available NOW: 7 Days to a Healing Plan for Your Child


For Healthcare Professionals and Educators

Practitioner Training Program

Learn to do what I do: become an effective, impactful family health coach and consultant.

-comprehensive training

-challenging curriculum and examinations

-for serious students dedicated to family health

-application process involved yet open to parents, educators, healthcare professionals, policy-makers, government employees, anyone interested in elevating family health using the Healthy Family Formula approach.

Check out the program here.


Professional Consulting for Healthcare Professionals and Educators

For groups such as schools, hospitals, and community groups wanting to develop and deliver the health programs of the future for clients, members, or students.


Workplace and Community Health Program Development

Have Carla create a workplace healthcare program that will elevate workplace morale and productivity and boost the health of every staff member. A healthy staff leads to a healthy business.


Healthcare Staff Training

Custom training for the delivery of effective healthcare to clients on topics such as office policies, client care, tracking and follow up, etc.


Content Editing Services for Health-Related Books

Want to Make an impact in the health of families on a BIG scale. You have the knowledge and the manuscript, now let’s make your book sing! Check out my Developmental Editing and Writing Coaching Services.

Book a Meet and Greet or Discovery Session with Carla Atherton to find out more about our services.



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