Shift from Dis-Ease to Kick-Ass Health

Whoop Whoop!!!! My first article as Executive Contributor has been published in Brainz Magazine: the first instalment of an 11-part series of articles that will appear in Brainz Magazine online throughout the year!

Disease has fallen out of my vocabulary over the last 6 months. I have replaced it with the word “dis-ease” which is much more accurate when referring to both uncomfortable physical and mental/emotional experience. Listen to this podcast to find out what the difference is and how a shift in perspective, and hence your approach, can help you to get deeply well.

“I have been in the coaching profession for long enough to know that for one thing to change, everything must change, and that “everything” is not what we believe is the right medication or even nutrients for our discomfort, but our very understanding of health and dis-ease itself.”

Give it a read to find out how to shift into kick-ass health empowerment!


Carla Atherton, MA, FDN-P, is the Director of the Healthy Family Formula and the HFF Practitioner Training Academy, Host and Producer of the Children’s Health Summit, Author of Family Health Revolution, Mountains Rise from Earthquakes Writing Experience Facilitator, Health Empowerment Coach, Holistic Family Health Consultant, Yoga Instructor and Mind/Body Facilitator, and Children’s Health Advocate. Spurred on by the love for her three glorious children, Carla’s mission is to support families to achieve their best health through information, guidance, inspiration, and empowerment.

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