Why Do You Need a Coach?

Health coaching has become quite the phenomena as of late. Well, that is, in the health and nutrition field.

But to many of us, it may be new, foreign, or even bizarre that people might need someone to coach them through health challenges. You might be saying: “but isn’t that what my doctor is for?!”

This kind of guidance is what we have come to expect from our doctors, but there are many variables that make that expectation unrealistic due to the structure of our healthcare system (with the average doctor’s visit being 15 minutes long), the immensity of patient workloads, the lack of good, well-trained staff, the insufficient training of our doctors in nutrition and other lifestyle factors, the push for pharmaceuticals, the fragmented view we have about our bodies and our health, and the utter lack of support many people are receiving.

And even with all of the information we have at our fingertips, our population is just getting sicker.

People are reaching out, need more, and health and nutrition coaches are filling these holes.

And think for a moment. How many times have you tried to make a lifestyle change for seemingly simple things like improving what you eat, getting more rest, getting enough exercise, or encouraging your children to follow suit and have ended up returning to old habits?

We get weak. We get tired. We lose faith. We fall off the wagon. We have setbacks. We forget why we are making such efforts. We fall back into our old ways of doing things.

It takes a great deal of focus and perseverance to make shift happen, and healthcare support can make this journey a great deal easier. Having people who are with you, believe in you and the process, and can encourage you takes your health goals and turns them into reality.

And to go even further, what about when your health is declining and/or your kids are struggling and you have no idea where to turn or what to do? You know you need supplements, but which ones? You know you have an illness, but what caused it? You know you can heal, but how?

This is where a specialized health and nutrition coach or even a functionally trained doctor who is practicing functionally is invaluable. This is where you will see real results. These are the folks who have structured their practice so that they can help you by providing ample time, support, and professional guidance.

When you first contact a doctor or coach and receive a 25-page intake form to fill out, you just may have landed on someone who can help!

How many times have you been to healthcare professionals for support and have only received a bit of time and have not been supplied enough answers?

That’s the thing. There is not enough time built into the old doctor/patient paradigm and not enough of our healthcare professionals staying abreast of cutting-edge health and wellness information. There is not enough guidance and often not any real plan of action. Plans and goals are essential, as is checking-in, tracking progress, and revisiting/revising/adjusting when something is not working.

I am passionate about this, folks! I have been revved up, fed up, disappointed, and disrespected. I have been angry, frustrated, and lost. But mostly I have been inspired and empowered, and I have learned to let go of the anger and frustration that has the potential to make myself and my family sick and disempowered, have replaced it with determination, knowledge, and action but have kept just enough of that spitfire to remember what drives me, what needs to change for you and others who are struggling right now. And that’s why I do what I do.

Read more about my approach and services here.

If you would like more information about the veeeery exciting and liberating functional approach to health and/or how it can absolutely transform the health of you and your family, please listen to my FREE presentations:

Who Is Here for Me and My Family Webinar Presentation

An Introduction to Functional Health

We know that when you have a jogging buddy or a partner embarking with you on way of eating that you are trying, or if you attend a weekly parenting support group, those changes you are trying to make become more effective. Sometimes we need encouragement. Sometimes we need a gentle hand or a kick in the rear!

We also know that we need to make the best decisions, investigate the right things, do the right tests, and follow the right course of action in order to heal and rejuvenate.

So, let’s go jogging, go for a nice lunch, and then hit that parenting group on our way home!

I am here, and I mean that.
(R)evolutionary Mama,

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