Part 3 of Our Children with Type 1...

Part 3 of Our Children with Type 1 Diabetes

READ PART 1: Causes, Solutions, and a New Prognosis READ PART 2: Genetics Are NOT Destiny Unearthing Root Causes In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we have been discussing the importance of finding root causes, regardless of whether your goal is to reverse Type 1 Diabetes, to manage

Saving Her Son From PANDAS

Saving Her Son From PANDAS

When her son started exhibiting sudden and disturbing psychiatric symptoms, Heather Korbmacher had no idea that everything was about to change for her family. Currently, thousands of parents are confounded and distressed by a dizzying and horrifying array of symptoms caused by an outcropping of neuropsychiatric disorders caused by pathogens.

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