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Interview Archives with Our Director Carla Atherton

Children’s Health Summit 4: 70+ interviews on Preventing and Reversing Childhood Chronic Illness




Children’s Health Summit 1 Keynote Address (Carla Atherton)

Take Your Children With You


Children’s Health Summit 2 Keynote Address (Carla Atherton)

Parenting Children With Big Health Challenges



Children’s Health Summit 3 Keynote Address (Carla Atherton)

At the Speed of Life: How Our Fast Pace Is Making Us Sick, Nuts, and Jeopardizing Our Future Generations



Radio, Podcasts, and Online Publication

July 21st, 2019

Listen to the interview I gave for The Tourist Podcast where PJ Harlow and I break down the medicalization of health as we know it while illuminating the rise in chronic illness, childhood epidemics and the simple fact that many people aren’t finding answers and healing where they once did. As we talk about our own families’ experiences with chronic illnesses and how we both came into Functional Health, we discuss the common patterns of denial, low expectations and feeling abandoned by the system. We go deep into some of the barriers and obstacles families, parents, caregivers and individuals are currently facing.

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An Oldie, But a Goodie!

Listen to the interview I gave for the Thriving Child Summit covering a wide range of topics including slowing down, a new model of healthcare, how to make health enriching and fun, when gluten-free is not always healthy, vitamin N, natural childbirth, healthy eating as a gift and not a deprivation, the catalysts for childhood chronic illness, and what is causing the general malaise our families are experiencing today.

Listen here!



Interview on The Holistic Kids’ Show about technology’s effects on children’s brains!

Listen on YouTube here!


Fearless Parent Radio Co-Host

Various Topics

Listen here!


Authentic Wellness Movement Radio with David White

Holistic Children’s Health Care

Listen here!


Be a Kids Hero Radio with Ginger Kadlec

Empowering Your Kids: The Best Protection Against Abuse

Listen here!

Living Inside Out Podcast with Kaeli Von Regan

How Letting Go Can Build Families

Listen here!


The Centre for Epigenetic Expression Podcast Interview

Carla’s passion for health started with her daughter’s discouraging diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, but learning about what true health really is spurred her on to not only help her daughter but to join a revolution in family health.

Listen here!


Center for Epigenetic Expression Podcast Interview #2

Do you have a child with a diagnosis? Do you have a diagnosis? Or do you simply want to feel better, have your children feel better, to move past ADHD, fatigue, obesity, autoimmunity, and other conditions that are affecting your life? Do you know there is more that you can do but are not sure where to start?

Then listen to this podcast!

Listen here!


Epidemic Answers Webinar

Supporting type 1 diabetes with a functional-medicine approach.

Carla’s daughter developed type 1 diabetes seven years ago. She discovered that mainstream medicine’s main way of dealing with type 1 diabetes is matching insulin to carbohydrates. Surely there must be more to it than that? And what causes or contributes to it?

Instead of thinking, “that’s all there is to it”, she dove into functional medicine, an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that looks to eliminate rather than suppress symptoms by looking at the root causes of a disease or condition.

Carla explained to us how, through functional medicine practices and testing, you can potentially:

  • Find the root causes of your child’s diabetes
  • Reduce or eliminate risk of further disease progression and complications
  • Reduce or eliminate risk of developing co-morbidities
  • Have a better relationship with your healthcare practitioners and chose the ones that will work with you in a manner that works for you
  • Optimize your child’s health through your own efforts
  • Explore the possibility of complete disease reversal or elimination of symptoms

Listen here!


The Centre for Epigenetic Expression Podcast Interview #3

A functional, holistic approach for children with Type 1 Diabetes.

Listen to the interview here!


Kick off Your Damn Heels Podcast

Dr. Teralyn Farmer-Sell interviews Carla about Type 1 Diabetes, food reactivity, and mental health and how they all intersect.

Aired March 6, 2019

Listen to the interview here!

EmpoweredKids TV

Helping Families Heal From Anxiety

Listen/watch the interview here


Myers Detox Podcast with Wendy Myers

The Role of Toxins in Childhood Chronic Illness

Watch/listen to the interview here

Or on YouTube here


The Spectrum of Health Podcast with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Lead Your Own Family Health Revolution!

Listen to the interview here!


Living with Lyme Podcast with Cindy Kennedy

Healing Lyme for the Whole Family

Listen to the interview here!


Autism Detectives Podcast with Patricia Lemer

Listen to the interview here!


Parenting that Heals Podcast with Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Parenting for Healing.

Listen to the interview here!


Holistic Children’s Healthcare interview with David White

Listen to the interview!





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  • Reclaim Adventure in Your Mom Life 5-Day Challenge (January, 2018)
  • Healthy, Wealthy, and Slim Summit (Talk Title: “Fearless Mom Kicks Chronic Disease’s Butt!) (April 1, 2018)
  • Caring for the Caregiver Summit (April 4, 2018)
  • Healthy Gut, Happy Child Summit 2 (April , 2018)
  • FIT Event (April, 2018)
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  • Healthy Kids The Easy Way – A Simple & Stress-Free Action Plan to Get Your Kids Eating Right & Building Great Health For Life! (Oct, 2018)
  • Raising Your Strong-Willed Child Summit (Summer 2019)
  • Healing Our Children World Summit (Summer 2019)
  • Ultimate Health Coach SUCCESS Summit (June 2019)
  • Children’s Health Summit 4 (Host and Producer; Spring, 2019; learn more here)
  • Your Child with Special Needs Show (February 2020)
  • The ADHD Toolbox 2 (March 2020)
  • Autism Recovery Summit 4: Healing Brain, Body & Being (August 2020)
  • Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder Summit 3 (June, 2020)
  • Trauma Mind Body Super Conference hosted by Niki Gratrix and Alex Howard (Aired July 2020)
  • Integrative Pediatrics Summit (August 2020)
  • Conquering the Battle Within: Powerful Resources for First responders and Healthcare Professionals to Stay Connected with Love, Laughter, and Leadership (August 2020: listen here!)
  • The Healing with Vibration Summit hosted by Lloyd Burrell (August 2020)
  • The Happy Child with Special Needs Summit (aired September 2020; access talks here)
  • The Courageous Boss Mamas Event hosted by Ashley Kiefer (April 2021)
  • The ADHD Toolkit Live hosted by Bob Dietrich (airing May 18, 12:00-6:00EST; REGISTER HERE NOW!)
  • The Global Consciousness Health Summit 2.0 with host Jodi Geline (airing June 3-12 2021)
  • Secrets to Radiant Health: Supercharge Your Body to Reclaim Your Sexy, Reclaim Your Energy, and Live Pain-Free with Suzanne Roth-Paul (September 2021)


As a Featured Expert

  • Parenting Your Way, From Tough Love to Enough Love (book) by Kaeli Van Regan

The interview that led to to the book excerpt. Listen here!


Coming up!

Guest on Helping Children Thrive podcast with Monina Salim (date TBD)




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