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Our Mission

In listening to hundreds of parents and caregivers throughout the years, by listening to friends and family and observing the people we encounter every day, by analyzing the research and the concerns of the wider community on the world wide web, and by recognizing the needs of my own family, it has become a glaring fact that many people are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and under-supported without the proper knowledge and guidance they need to confidently manage the healthcare of themselves and their children.


✓ Caregivers are feeling an intense level of burn-out due to stress, ill health, and the fast-pace of modern life.


✓ Children are being diagnosed with chronic illness at alarming rates.


✓ Our elders are slipping through the cracks of our healthcare systems.


✓ Folks are looking for better care, more information, and increased support.


To address these needs, we felt what modern families needed was a one-stop shop for their healthcare needs, where the information was gathered, distilled and presented in a way that would create real change to their family health. So, the Healthy Family Formula was created as a space for an empowering personal experience based on the following functional health and holistic care principles:


✓ Collaboration between you and the healthcare professionals you chose to work with to:

-identify health challenges: their roots and causes

-create a clear, personalized plan to improve or maintain your health.


✓ Education through quality, cutting-edge information:

-medicine is a science and health is an on-going journey, therefore, we at the HFF highly value and present new information and current research.


✓ Support when needed and delivered in the best way possible:

-everyone has different needs, and the HFF has a program delivery model that is flexible and comprehensive

-support is offered in a variety of ways in order to enhance our families’ experience and increase their chance of success.


The Healthy Family Formula approach is based on a combination of functional/holistic nutrition and clinical functional/holistic medicine. We understand the body has a natural, innate ability to heal and maintain health if given the right tools.


We seek to empower families to build health through incorporating and executing lifestyle changes, nutritional therapies and protocols, and healthful habits in ways that are supportive, integrative, and paced so that the changes become permanent and lasting rather than quick and temporary.


The HFF aims to help families to move beyond coping and patching, from stress and burn-out, to a state of true health and vitality.


It is about time that we focus on health-care, not sick care. It is about time that families received the healthcare that will make a truly positive impact on their lives.


The Healthy Family Formula’s mission is to help our families to move from a space of powerlessness and uncertainty to feeling confident in the decisions that you make regarding your health and the health of your loved ones. Our mission is to revolutionize your family’s health!



*Please note that The Healthy Family Formula Program is not a source for diagnosis, but is intended to guide our families toward health by empowering them to make the best health decisions for themselves.

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