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Family Health Revolution Book

Family Health Revolution!: The Definitive Guide to Elevating Your Family’s Health

Use Lifestyle Medicine to Overcome Disease, Illness, and Discomfort, De-medicalize Family Health, Slow Down Fast-Paced Modern Family Life, Reduce Stress, and Return Your Family to the Ease of Good Health, Naturally

Coming March, 2020! Please note the difference in the release date that is indicated in the book trailer video below. The correct release date is March 2020!


Yes, I wrote this book for me, for my own family, to be a place where I can download all I have learned through our own journey of healing and discovery; but I also wrote it for you, for the people who know there is more to family health than the new normal of sub-optimal health we are now experiencing, for the moms and dads and caregivers who strive for more for their children, for people like you who want to be more empowered so you can make. that. shift. happen! To recovery. To ease. To vitality.


A Peek Inside the Book:

Stopping chronic illness in its tracks

Redefining our children’s new normal

The medicalization of family health

Lifestyle foundations upon which to build family health

Slow family living for health

Parenting for health

Caring for caregivers

Teaching self-care to your children

Childhood chronic illness

When things go wrong

Advocacy and navigating the healthcare system

Reclaiming your family’s health

Your natural medicine cabinet

How to return to the ease of family health

And more! (I don’t want to give it all away)

Plus a dozen appendices containing guides to help you get organized and stay on your own, personal track to wellness.

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