Moms: Stop Juggling Symptoms and Jumpstart Your Family’s Health, Vitality, and Happiness.

Have you been madly juggling your family health and are finding that you are getting tired of the juggle? Have you been having trouble keeping all of the balls in the air these days, and one more ball in the air just might put you over the brink? Are you ready for some help in putting some of that burden down, to find simple yet effective answers to your fatigue, burn-out, and level of stress? Are you ready to seek out what is creating your ill health and finally to lead your family into not only good, but optimal health?

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Learn how to lead your family to greater health, vitality, and happiness

I created this 30-day challenge to help people to stop accepting that feeling like crap all the time and succumbing to diseases like diabetes and ADHD and obesity as the new normal. It may be common, but not healthy, to feel headachy, exhausted, depressed, and maxed out every day. It should not be normal for your children to feel this way, either. People need to know that there is a better way to live that can be achieved by adjusting lifestyle, eating right, moving more, and paying attention. When you start to pay attention to what you are putting into your mouth and mind, once you slow down and assess and respond to what your body needs, you are guaranteed to feel better, and once you know what that is like, you will never go back to the new normal again. That won’t be good enough for you or your family anymore.

I have been there. Forgetting what it was like to actually have abundant energy every day or what it was like to spring out of bed ready to meet the day’s challenges rather than dragging myself through it. I thought the struggle was something we all did. I thought I was prone to migraines and that popping Advil was something I had to do to get by. I thought Tylenol was the answer to my children’s fevers. I thought I was just one of those people who got bloated when I ate bread, but I still ate the bread. I never thought to look for the causes. Until I started to get fat and my knees started to give me trouble and my fatigue caused me to fall asleep while reading to my children and in the middle of a sentence. I started to heal myself through investigating why I was getting sick.. And then my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That’s when I really gave my head a shake. Something just didn’t compute. And I knew that there was more to this thing called health.

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