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Online Marketplace and Dispensary

Marketplace and Dispensary

Over the years, I have researched, tested, experienced countless products and services in my mission to support the health of my own family and clients. In this process, I have vetted the best of the best supplements, services, and tools to aid families in their health recovery so they don’t lose time, money, and hope madly searching for the tools they need to move past health challenges.

This space has been set up to make that part of the process less daunting and more empowering. And I am proud to make available the very best products, programs, and services that have made the cut so far, with more to be added as they come to my attention and pass my tests. This page also serves to reduce the time my community and clients may spend on the internet searching for the products they need.

When you purchase anything through the Healthy Family Formula Marketplace, the partnership proceeds go toward the HFF programs, events, and services we provide. We support you by providing access to the best tools out there, we support the reputable companies working on all of our behalf, and you support our efforts to, well, empower you! A win-win-win for all

This page also serves as the HFF Dispensary for easy access to the tools recommended by our HFF Family Health Coaches.

Supplements and Nutrition


Order a wide variety of professional brands through our account created for our clients.

Order Here.

Spectrum Supplements

143 quality supplement brands available all in one place for the HFF community and clients.

Visit Spectrum Supplements Canada.

Visit Spectrum Supplements USA.

Enter your password: DRCARLA (must be all caps) AND enter the coupon code carla-5 for 5% off of your order. You must use the links above to receive the discount.

Featured Brands Available: Argentyn 23, Beyond Balance (you must be logged into your customer account to view these products), Biobotanical Research (Biocidin), BioPure, Biotics, Douglas Labs, Gaia, Life Extension, MegaFood, Nordic naturals, NOW Foods, Quicksilver Scientific, Restore-4-Life, Seeking Health, Sovereign Silver, and many more.

Microbiome Labs

High quality professional grade sporebiotics and gut repair products only available through healthcare professionals and our dispensary here.

Order Microbiome Labs products here.

Microbe Formulas

Providing protocols and safe, natural products to knock down parasitical, bacterial, fungal, and viral infection and provide organ support.

Order Microbe Formulas products here.


The HFF’s favourite essential oil company carrying many products including single oils, blends, safe body care, and chemical-free cleaning products.

Visit the HFF doTERRA website here.

LifeVantage (Protandim)

Providing supplements aiming to support NrF1 and NrF2 pathways and NAD production. Many applications relating to various chronic illness and heightened athletic performance – a true one-stop-shop for overall health and vitality.

Visit LifeVantage Here.

Sophia Flow Cream

One of a kind proprietary topical microbial blend used in detoxification by Dr. Klinghardt and colleagues.

Purchase Sophia Flow here.

Serenity Kids Organic Baby Food

One of a kind company providing healthy, whole-foods, organic baby food.

Visit Serenity Kids.

Other Brands Available to the HFF Community

Some products companies deal only with professionals who order specifically for their clients. If you would like to consult with an HFF Family Health Coach about any of the following products or are a current client who would like to order and have them drop-shipped to you, please contact us at [email protected]

UNDAs Homeopathic Remedies, Nestmann, Pleo Sanum, and Rubimed, DesBio, MediHerb, and Apex Energetics.


A safe and effective way of educating the immune system through homeopathy.

Influenzinum CV30 order and read more here.

Learn more about homeoprophylaxis here on the Real Immunity website.

100’s of Homeopathic Remedies

Nosodes, sarcodes, and homeoprophylaxis.

Current and prospective clients, please contact your HFF Family Health Coach at [email protected] for more information.

Other Tools

PureWaveNow System: Building Health on the Cellular Level

Visit PureWaveNow

Read my blog article and watch the video interview for more information about this revolutionary device!

Every Family Should Have One of These! Portable Sauna for Your Home

Visit Relax Sauna

Check out my interview with Ava of Relax Saunas to find out how sauna can dramatically improve the health of your whole family.

Contact us at [email protected] for our exclusive discount code for an additional $70 off!

5G Protection for Your Family

With 5G coming around the corner, I have been madly looking for ways for people to protect their families. Helix-Life has created a product like nothing I have ever seen before. Waaaay beyond shielding, HelixLife pendants and plates recondition our bodies and our natural environment neutralizing the damaging effects of manmade EMF exposure! Visit their website to learn more about the science behind this revolutionary tool!

Use these codes for our exclusive group buy discounts!


5G BioPlates

Use Discount Code: HFF5GBP

Discount: -$341 off


4G BioPlates

Use Discount Code: HFF4GBP

Discount: -$300 off


Personal Pendant

Use Discount Code: HFFpendant

Discount: -$38 off


Check out Carla’s mind-blowing interview with CEO, Larry Cormick here and below, as well as the casual outtake conversation we had afterward.


Visit Helix-Life


Read full blog post!

AMD Ion Cleanse

Ionic footbath used for non-invasive, simple, yet powerful cellular detoxification.

Visit AMD Here.

Watch the Children’s Health Summit 4 interview with Real Food Mom Terri Hirning about the many benefits.

SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna

EMF safe portable sauna for everyday detox and deep tissue detox.

Visit Pocket Sauna Here.


Unique personal sound therapy device to lower stress and improve chronic health conditions.

Visit HUSO Here.

Use the Coupon Code HFF25 for $25 off!


Stress reduction training device for home use.

Visit HeartMath Here.

G3 Air Purifier by HypoAir

Effectively and safely kills unwanted contaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and odours with their unique, third-party-tested technology.

Visit HypoAir

Use code PJ10 for 10% off.

Air Doctor

High quality air filter removing most pollutants from the air including viruses, bacteria, dander, and allergens..

Visit Air Doctor Here.

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By submitting your information using this form, you are agreeing to receive information from the Healthy Family Formula. You can opt out of receiving any further communications from us at any time. No hard feelings.